Call for Papers

  Mondai to Kenkyu currently welcomes article submissions from domestic and international scholars. Submissions are accepted year-round on a rolling basis. Please send articles to the editorial section of Mondai to Kenkyu at
Please note that based on the number of received submissions, content, and article word count, articles might not be published immediately after passing review.

Mondai to Kenkyu is seasonal academic journal, published in March, June, September, and December. Our articles focus on social science research on the Asia-Pacific region, international relations, as well as domestic and international politics, economics, and other related societal issues. Work already printed elsewhere will not be considered for publication.

To preserve the consistency of the journal, please adhere to the following guidelines. Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word files. In addition to the primary manuscript, please also send the article title, abstract, four to five keywords, and bibliography. Chinese language articles are limited to 1,600 characters, including footnotes, charts, and bibliography. Japanese publications are limited to 1,800 characters, including footnotes, charts, and bibliography.
Format of Note and Reference (Japanese)
Format of Note and Reference (Chinese)

Upon sending your submission, please note your institutional affiliation, name, residence, and phone number. Please also attach the copyright transfer agreement or send it by post.
Copyright transfer agreement (Japanese)

Copyright transfer agreement (Chinese)

Regarding the language of manuscript submission:
1) Manuscripts can be sent in Chinese. Following review, please translate into Japanese yourself.
2) The articles in Mondai to Kenkyu are printed entirely in Japanese. Abstracts are additionally printed in Chinese and English.
3) When submitting a Japanese language article, please also attach the following materials (●=required, ◎=Choose one, ○=the editorial division can provide upon request) 

  Japanese English Chinese
Institutional Affiliation
Key Words (4-5)

According to our procedures, articles will be anonymously assessed by the reviewers recommended by the editorial board (double blind peer review).

The editorial board reserves the right to make edits or cuts regarding style and wording.

No remuneration will be offered. Authors whose articles are accepted will receive three copies of the edition in which their work is published.

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